Compass Health Center Programs for Adults (ages 25 and up)

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The Adult PHP is for mature individuals who are coping with mental health disorders and/or career, family and health concerns that are leading to debilitating daily functioning.

PHP provides short-term stabilization of patients with serious emotional disturbances and diverts them from inpatient care. The primary purpose of PHP is to provide a safe and therapeutic environment while the patient works on achieving a level of functioning that enables him/her to return to the community. Individualized treatment programs are created by our multi-disciplinary team to address the psychiatric symptoms, behavior and personal goals of each patient. Treatment focuses on stabilizing symptoms and establishing a foundation of skills essential to the long-term success of the individual.

Every patient will participate in group and individual therapy. Adults are encouraged to engage in family/couples therapy.

The average length of stay in the Adult PHP is approximately 2-4 weeks. Due to individualized treatment plans, the length of PHP may vary.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP provides short-term stabilization of patients who are having difficulty managing their symptoms in traditional outpatient treatment. The IOP can be used as a bridging treatment between PHP and traditional outpatient treatment or utilized as an initial step in treatment.

The IOP treatment team will design individualized programs for patients with consideration to psychiatric diagnoses, developmental functioning, behavioral needs, family involvement and community resources. Our treatment plan includes individual and group therapy, peer support, psychiatric treatment and family therapy. This comprehensive approach is designed to help the patient return to a more functional, healthy and independent life.

Compass Health Center staff will decrease the amount of time a patient spends in the program as their symptoms and level of functioning improves. As a patient spends less time at Compass, our clinicians help him/her¬†transition back to the community and outside providers.

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The average length of stay in the IOP is approximately 2-4 weeks.¬†Due to individualized treatment plans, the length of IOP may vary.

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