Individualized Treatment Tracks – Northbrook

Individualized treatment programs addressing psychiatric symptoms and behavior are developed by the multidisciplinary Compass Health Center team for each patient. At Compass Health Center in Chicago, we treat many patients for general depression and anxiety, but for patients with more specific difficulties there are a variety of treatment tracks crafted to target these underlying concerns.

Eating Disorders

The Eating Disorder Track provides targeted interventions to support those patients who have a primary mental health diagnosis complicated by eating disorder behaviors. Following initial assessment, individuals who participate in the track will work with staff to create a collaborative plan that will challenge and change maladaptive eating behaviors. Individual work allows patients the opportunity to practice the direct application of evidence based skills while building motivation for change. If it is determined that a patient is in need of more intensive eating disorder programming then the patient will be provided with the appropriate referral.

OCD/Complex Anxiety Disorders

The OCD and Complex Anxiety Track is designed for patients with a primary diagnosis of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or any related anxiety disorder. The research shows that one of the most effective treatments for these diagnoses is exposure therapy. In exposure therapy, patients gradually confront their feared object or situation in a hierarchical, prolonged, and planned manner. By doing so, patients learn to gain mastery over their anxiety and fears. Following an initial assessment, patients assigned to this track will attend group therapy sessions and meet with their exposure therapist on a daily basis. During these meetings, the patient and therapist will work together to create an individualized hierarchy that specifically addresses the patient’s fears. Exposures are then conducted on a daily basis during group sessions, at home, and outside of Compass Health Center.

Substance Use

The Substance Use Track includes specialized interventions to support those patients who have a primary mental health diagnosis, complicated by substance(s) use. At Compass Health Center in Chicago, we have Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors on staff who will assess and meet with the individual, and then together determine how the track will complement the overall treatment.

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The Trauma Track is for patients who are suffering from the impact of trauma or abuse (and can run as a supplement to the Young Adult and Adult PHPs). The Trauma Track involves meeting with a trauma specialist semi-weekly to complete Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). CPT applies Cognitive-Behavioral techniques directly to the traumatic experience in order to work through the residual effects. This individual attention allows the patient to process the experience at a deeper level than would be feasible within the group while strengthening coping skills regarding their past abuse or traumas.

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