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Northbrook Psychiatric Depression TreatmentQ: What are the common disorders treated at Compass Health Center?

A: We treat a variety of disorders at Compass Health Center. However, the most common disorders are depression and/or anxiety, PTSD, and personality disorders.

Q: What treatment modalities do you use at Compass Health Center?

A: Our core treatment modalities are Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, and family therapy.

Q: How do I determine which program is right for myself or family member?

A: During the intake process, we will assess whether a patient is appropriate for one of our psychiatric programs. If we find a patient is not a “good fit” for Compass, we will offer you suggestions for alternative programs.

Q: Will insurance pay for Compass Health Center?

A: Compass is in network with BCBS PPO and HMO Illinois, Humana, Cigna, Compsych, Aetna PPO and University of Chicago Insurance Companies.  Our Utilization Review Department will work with all insurance companies, whether in our out of network, to pre-authorize and prove medical necessity.  If we are out of network with your insurance company, Compass will submit claims to most insurance companies, so that you can be reimbursed your out of network benefits.

Northbrook School Refusal Programs

Q: Who is the contact person for a patient’s care?

A: Each patient is assigned a dedicated team. At the time of admission, each patient is informed who on the team will be his/her contact person.

Q: How is the discharge date determined?

A: Each patient’s dedicated team meets daily to discuss progress. Discharge is recommended by the team with consideration to the input of the patient.

Q: How do you communicate with my child’s school and how does he/she get educational support?

A: Release of Information

Once a release of information for communication with the patient’s home school has been established, the assigned Education Specialist will communicate with the school to develop a plan to receive and submit various homework and school assignments. This release will provide the school with your child’s educational and therapeutic progress, including diagnosis and/or any treatment issues.

Supervised Study

Through the School Refusal Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), patients will also have a supervised study — for two hours every day — run by the Education Specialist and a teacher assistant on staff. Patients are expected to work quietly and independently during this time to maintain a productive work environment and can receive support from the supervising staff as needed.

Chicago Intensive Mental Health Center

School Transition & Treatment Release

When a student is ready to begin transitioning back to their home school, the Education Specialist from Compass Health Center will contact the school to set up a re-entry staffing. This is a meeting that will take place at the patient’s school and will be at the school and parents’ discretion to determine which school faculty members should be present at the staffing. Whenever possible, the Education Specialist assigned to your child and a Compass Health Center therapist will participate in the meeting either by phone or in-person. When appropriate, the patient and parent(s) will attend the re-entry meeting at the school, and during the discussion, a plan will be developed to best support the student’s transition back to their school.

The following areas will also be considered in the re-entry meeting:

  • Progress made by the patient at Compass Health Center
  • Homework/assignment expectations
  • Schedule changes
  • Availability of supportive services
  • Safety plans

Discharge planning is an integral component of treatment — patient progress, as well as consultation with family and the treatment team will determine a date and plan for discharge from the School Refusal PHP for your child. Compass Health Center staff will also communicate with outside providers to ensure a smooth transition for the patient.

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