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Compass Health Center’s diverse clinical team creates a supportive environment with innovative strategies and a cutting-edge scientific approach to treatment.

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Find Us: 60 Revere Drive, Suite 100 Northbrook, IL 60062
Call Us: 224-306-1879
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Our Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM – 6 PM

Northbrook Location

Our Compass Northbrook location is situated near Willimsburg Square in Chicago’s North Shore, near the Skokie Highway and Edens Spur Toll Road junction. Our office is also just a short drive from the sprawling Chicago Botanic Garden.

Psychiatric Programs

At our Northbrook location, we offer Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Care, and other specialized treatments for:

  • Children: 9 – 12
  • Adolescents: 12 – 18
  • Young Adults: 18 – 24
  • Adults: 25+

In addition to our care for patients suffering from depression and anxiety, our facility has specialized tracks helping individuals with:

  • OCD & Complex Anxiety Disorders
  • Substance Use
  • Trauma

Our Team

Through our collaborative team-based care, patients can be sure all staff involved in their treatment are working toward a common goal. Our skilled practitioners at Compass Northbrook locations include:

  • Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrists
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Family Therapists
  • Child Therapists
  • Adolescent Therapists
  • Young Adult Therapists
  • Adult Therapists
  • OCD Therapists
  • Trauma Therapists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Education Specialists
  • Teacher’s Assistants
  • Excellent Administrative Team