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79.4 million Americans live with chronic pain or high-impact chronic pain.

Compass Health Center is pleased to announce its new Chronic Pain Track, offered as part of the Adult PHP/IOP program in Northbrook. Patients on the track participate in weekly skill-based groups, psychiatric management and individual sessions.


Groups focus on an array of ACT, CBT, and DBT skills, with a particular emphasis on acceptance of pain, increasing movement and activity, mindfulness, and challenging negative pain appraisal and fear-avoidance beliefs. Appropriateness for weekly individual meetings is determined by multiple factors, including: chronicity of pain, the degree to which pain is a primary contributor to decreased functioning, and relevance of track interventions to each patient’s unique challenges. Individual sessions consist of personalizing and applying skills, and setting weekly goals related to management of chronic pain.

Our Chronic Pain Treatment Track Helps Patients Overcome The Effects That Physical Discomfort Has On Both Mind And Body.

Program Details

Location: Northbrook Center

For adults 23 years and older


The Chronic Pain Track empowers patients to take an active role in the management of their chronic pain. 

    • Increasing awareness of the impact of chronic pain on thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
    • Reintroducing movement and mindfully pacing physical activity
    • Providing a complement to interventions such as surgery or physical therapy
    • Accepting the reality of chronic pain in order to move toward values and goals

Chronic Pain Group Topics:

  1. Introduction/Psychoeducation
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Values
  4. Myths and Misconceptions
  5. Time-Based Pacing
  6. Communicating
  7. Flare-Up Planning

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