Project Description


The Compass Health Center Gender and Identity Development Track is designed for patients who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community or are questioning their identity. The purpose of this track is to provide affirmative CBT and DBT treatment that specifically addresses the ways in which their depression, anxiety, and/or other mental health concerns are impacted by adverse experiences related to their identity.


Research indicates that affirmative treatment for these youth supports improved overall well-being. In this track, patients will process the difficult situations they encounter while also learning and practicing evidence-based strategies to cope effectively. By engaging in this track, patients will learn how to regulate their emotions, tolerate distress, challenge negative thinking patterns, and advocate for themselves. The track meets once weekly and provides additional parent/caregiver support and coaching.


  • Assess risk and stabilization of crisis while reducing psychiatric symptoms.
  • Design an individualized treatment plan appropriate for the patient’s diagnosis, developmental functioning, behavioral needs, family involvement, and community resources.
  • Empower the youth through affirmative group experiences utilizing the CBT and DBT frameworks.
  • Help patients learn concrete coping skills such as distress tolerance, emotional management skills, relaxation techniques, and effective communication skills.

All Compass programs include a family/support therapy session once a week or as clinically indicated.  External support is essential for successful treatment and is proven as a comprehensive approach to mental wellness.

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  • Chicago, IL

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Ages 10-14


Monday – Friday
8:30am – 6:00pm

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