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Developmental Neuropsychologist – Northbrook

Kathleen M. Nugent, Ph.D. obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology from Northwestern University and completed internship training in pediatric neuropsychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the University of Chicago. She completed fellowship training in pediatric neuropsychology at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, and currently holds a faculty appointment at Northwestern University where she teaches courses in clinical psychology, assessment and test construction. Dr. Nugent regularly consults to schools regarding behavioral management of children in the classroom. In 2009, Dr. Nugent took part in the National Institute of Health’s Toolbox Project, a multi-site effort to develop standardized assessment tools for children and adults involved in clinical trials. Dr. Nugent is licensed in Illinois.

Specialty areas of research and practice include psychological and neuropsychological assessment with children, adolescents and young adults, including diagnosing learning, attention deficit/hyperactivity and autistic spectrum disorders, the assessment and cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety and mood disorders; evaluating eligibility for school or test accommodations, and quantifying neuro-cognitive deficits associated with acquired neurologic injuries and conditions.