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Family Therapist

Matt is a native Chicagoan with in-depth knowledge and experience working as a clinician in residential treatment, non-residential milieu settings and as an individual, family and group therapist.  Matt holds an L.B.A from the New School University (Eugene Lang College) and earned his Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.  The meaning making process that is identity development is an important part of life and can be difficult to navigate as experiences are integrated into one’s sense of self.  From a strengths-based perspective, Matt has cultivated a personal approach that understands the individual as its own entity as well as a part of the many environments they live in. This perspective views challenges as opportunities for growth and people as assets to themselves and the communities that they are members of and interact with.  Matt takes a solution-focused, systemic approach to family work and incorporates psychodynamic modalities to support families in better understanding themselves and working towards healthy stasis as a system.  These components continue to be reinforced and redefined through his experiences in the lifelong learning process that he considers social work to be.