• Premier Psychiatric Care Center

    Our diverse clinical team at Compass creates a supportive environment with innovative strategies and a cutting-edge scientific approach to treatment.

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  • Premier Psychiatric Care Center

    Compass is a premier, comprehensive scientific-based psychiatric facility providing hospital level care in an innovative and supportive non-hospital setting.

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  • Compassionate Psychiatric Care

    At Compass, our attentive staff creates a supportive and calming environment during treatment, providing hospital-level care in a non-hospital setting.

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  • Partial Hospital Program

    The Partial Hospital Program (PHP) provides short-term, intensive treatment to prevent patients from needing inpatient psychiatric hospitalization and to help them transition to a lower level of care.
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  • Intensive Outpatient Program

    The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides short-term stabilization of anxiety or depressive symptoms and help patients learn necessary skills to lead happier and healthier lives.
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  • School Refusal Program

    The School Refusal Program provides the treatment necessary to prevent patients from needing inpatient psychiatric hospitalization and to help them transition back to school and their everyday routines.
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  • Treatment Tracks Northbrook

    Compass provides personalized treatment tracks based on patient needs. Following assessment, if it is clinically indicated, patients may be assigned to one of our tracks. Individuals in our PHP or IOP, who also carry a diagnosis of substance use, OCD, complex anxiety disorder or and eating disorder, can be assigned to one of our tracks that have been uniquely developed by our multidiscipline team.
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About Our Patients

  • Child: 9-12

    Our partial-hospitalization programs provide short-term treatment for children with debilitating anxiety and/or depressive symptoms.

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  • Adolescents: 12-18

    Our partial-hospitalization and outpatient programs provide short-term treatment for teenagers with debilitating anxiety and/or depressive symptoms.

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  • Young Adults: 18-24

    We offer programs for young adults who have finished high school and are struggling with the transition to adulthood due to debilitating depressive and/or anxiety symptoms.

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  • Adults: 25 & Up

    Our adult programs are for mature, motivated individuals struggling with mood and/or anxiety disorders that produce debilitating daily functioning.

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Our Mission

Compass Health is cutting edge in our approach to intensive level mental health treatment. Our goal is to help patients overcome debilitating psychiatric symptoms through scientifically proven treatment modalities. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional treatment to the North Shore and Chicago area.

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  • Compass is  a great place, you really helped my daughter.

    Mom of Child
  • I wanted to express my appreciation of how you handled my family today. It was a very inviting and non-threatening environment from the first phone call to the moment we were greeted.

    Father of Adolescent
  • Attending compass was the best decision I ever made and it saved my life.

    Young Adult
  • I have to tell you the therapists here are just the most special, caring, smart people. Staff care so much here and so amazed how helpful they are… I am not the only one who says it but all the group members say it and I am so proud.

    Adult Patient
  • We love the staff and all the services you offer….I would not hesitate to tell anyone about your program

    Mother of 10 year-old child patient
  • The compass model of care  is the best out there.

    Adult patient
  • I want you all to know how much Compass made a difference in our lives. We are so thankful we found you.

    Mother of Patient
  • My son seems to be doing really well and he actually sent us a message, thanking us for getting him to Compass. I am really impressed with the help he got at Compass and so hopeful. I am so glad we found Compass.

    Parent of Young Adult Patient
  • I need to congratulate the Compass staff because of the amazing care that you provide and that I have never done this well over so many years of medication and therapy.

    Adult Patient
  • I think everyone should be required to do 2 wks at Compass even if they don’t know they need it.

    Young Adult
  • You guys did a miracle with me.  You guys changed my life.

    Adult Patient
  • Night and day difference in professionalism and quality of care from other places.

    Young Adult Dad
  • Before I started Compass I looked on the website and saw a testimonial that said, “It changed my child” – but I didn’t think that could really happen to me- until I went through Compass. But now I feel like me, but even a better me.

    12 year old child patient
  • Compass is  a great example of how psychiatry, cbt, and family therapy can work together.

    Community Therapist
  • You gave me my life back. This place is amazing

    Adult Patient
  • My son is like a new child and school is shocked by the positive changes.

    Mom of a child patient